Couldn't be more happy with my experience!

I had been with Inspire Me Chiropractic throughout my entire pregnancy and couldn't be more happy with my experience! My daughter was born on May 3rd. I had an un-medicated water-birth and absolutely no back labor. I truly believe that was all thanks to the wonderful care that Dr. Jodi & Bree provided me. I highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant and experiencing back pain!


The level of care is unbeatable!

The staff here is AMAZING. Not only are they all incredibly friendly, the level of care is unbeatable. I won't have made it through my pregnancy without them!


He has really helped eliminate the pain!

Dr. Ryan is wonderful! I've had back pain for years and he has really helped eliminate the pain. My son even sees him to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. We love Inspire Me and would highly recommend to anyone!


They truly have changed my life!

I started going to Inspire Me a few months ago when I was at a low with my health and every activity of my day was affected by the pain. Dr. Bree was fantastic, as was the rest of the staff, in helping me through that critical time! Before you know it, I was feeling much better. I am still working though my chronic health issues, but when I have a bad day, the staff at Inspire Me are there to help put things in perspective by reminding me just how far I have come. My schedule is always chaotic and everyone at the office is ALWAYS accommodating. It means a lot that I don't ever have to stress over how I am going to fit my visits in my schedule. I just want to thank the entire staff for all their hard work and kind words. They truly have changed my life for the better.


Talk about a complete turn around!!!

I have been a patient at Inspire Me for several months now. During my initial visit, I was experiencing so much pain throughout my body. My lower back, right knee, and shoulders constantly throbbed. I was taking Advil and other pain relieving meds just to get through the day. After my initial evaluation, my care plan was set to 2 to 3 visits per week. (GOD KNOWS I needed it). I remember after the 3rd visit, I started to notice less pain in my joints. Consistent visits and treatments now have me at 90% of being totally pain free. And because I was having such a great experience, I recently (about 5 weeks now) have been gluten, dairy, and processed sugar-free. Talk about a complete turn around!!! I've lost 15 pounds as a result and I'm down to 1 to 2 visits per week. Thank you Dr. Jodi, Dr. Bree, Dr. Mary AND Dr. Ryan for taking excellent care of me. Shout out to one of the best massage therapist in the ATL, Frank, my Caribbean m'on. If you need a positive, all-natural relief to pain, and balance, Inspire Me will give you an experience that will change your life. The staff will give you the best quality of care you'll ever experience.


Inspire Me provided a relaxing experience!

From the warm welcome I got right through the door, to the relief I felt after my adjustment, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Inspire Me provided a relaxing experience that will change the way you think of chiropractic care. The doctors are the best and the massage therapist is amazing!