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“I started coming in when I was unable to sleep through the night. I was waking up from the pain in my hip. After a few visits at Inspire Me I was sleeping through the night. Now, not only do I sleep through the night, I have no pain in my lower back or hips after months of constant pain. I definitely wouldn't be able to make it through my pregnancy without their help.”   ~Anna"

My baby girl is just 11 weeks old. At 9 weeks she was a very fussy, colicky baby. I was not sure what to do! Our visits to this office with Dr. Jodi have made a world of difference. She is now calm, happy, and sleeping 7 hours a night. It's amazing how much better she feels when everything is aligned correctly.” ~Nicole

“ I have been going to Inspire Me Natural for almost a year now.  I actually followed the Massage Therapist (Krista) to this office.  This goes to show how great Krista is!  After meeting with Dr. Jodi, I knew that my journey there was notin vein.  She is awesome!  Dr. Jodi takes her time to find out initially what's going on with your body as well as what may drive the issues.  I can say that she honestly cares about her patients and their well-being.  I know this from experience.  Who can say they go to any of their doctors and feel like they have come out refreshed or had a sense of relief of more than just adjustments of the body but the mind as well?  She is really genuine and her staff is great and very accommodating.  I would recommend Inspire Me Natural Health Solutions to any and everyone for as long as I'm able!  I absolutely love them and so will you! “   ~Deniece

"I admit, I never knew why people received chiropractic care before I met Dr. Jodi. After zip-lining and dropping into a pond on vacation, I came into Inspire Me with my head and neck feeling like 100 lbs. To be able to walk out feeling lighter, more free, and in no pain...well now I know why people utilize chiropractic care."
~ Amy

"Our family first met Dr. Jodi when she was with our previous chiropractor. We were very impressed right from the start with her warmth and caring spirit. When Jodi moved, we moved. Last count we have moved with her 3 times now. Jodi's spirituality is genuine and she is able to convince you without beating you over the head. She deeply cares about her patients and remembers all of our life events. We consider Jodi a member of our family and have grown to love her and her family. How many doctors will return your text message on a Sunday? Jodi is one of a kind and has greatly enhanced our families well-being and she has made me a better person by helping me explore my inner self and tap into my mental resources for healing."    ~Jim

"I was referred to Dr. Jodi about three years ago. I was seeking a chiropractor who would be more than a “crack and go” doctor and I found that in Dr. Jodi. She cares about each and every patient in a personal manner. She gets to know not only you and your body, but your life. She remembers each conversation you have and inquires with you on each visit in a true and compassionate fashion.  I have ordinarily only seen chiropractors for a short period of time because I felt like they were just developing an overly extensive plan to suck money out of me and I didn’t see the benefit. I don’t get that feeling from Dr. Jodi at all. She has not tried to keep me on any long extensive plans.I truly feel she is just keeping me on a plan for wellness. She encouraged me to begin Bikram Yoga which has helped me feel better about myself and allowed for fewer chiropractic visits.She formulates a unique plan for each individual’s needs. She is not a one size fits all doctor and certainly not in it for the money.She has given me extra care recently as a result of a car accident and she spends extra time discussing progress and sharing the why behind what she recommends. She also ensures she and her amazing massage therapist Krista (best I have ever had) can fit my tight schedule. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, Dr. Jodi genuinely cares…not something I have found in too many doctors of any kind."   ~Tammy 

"My family and I have been under Dr. Jodi Dixon's care since the beginning of 2012. Dr. Jodi is not just an inspiration, she generally cares about about the well being and health of my family.  Dr. Jodi's energy work combined with Chiropractic Care has made it comfortable for my children to want to be adjusted. They argue on who is first to be adjusted. Dr. Jodi's care has helped my two year old daughter's battle with chronic ear infections and my five year old son's asthma issues.  My wife and I not only have our bodies feeling better but also has improved our relationship towards each other. Overall, Dr. Jodi and her staff have been a welcomed addition to our health care objectives."   ~Orlando

" I have been coming to Inspire Me for the past 3 months and I have only had 1 migraine since beginning treatment. Prior to getting adjusted, I would get them at least 5 times a month and they would last days at a time. I can honestly say I feel much better without the migraines. " ~Nikita

" I started seeing Dr. Bree and Dr. Jodi when I was about 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. I read so many great things about chiropractic care during pregnancy and decided to give it a try. Seeing them regularly (at least once a week) really helped with all my aches and pains during pregnancy. Especially low back and pelvis pain! I believe the care was important in helping me achieve and all natural vaginal birth after cesarean. " ~Erin

" At 36 weeks, my baby was still in breech position and my husband and I were worried that we would not be able to experience a natural delivery. After only 3 or 4 visits, my baby moved to a head down position! We are so grateful! Dr. Jodi and Dr. Bree are passionate about wellness; their commitment and excitement about natural health has helped me make important decisions about the birth and post natal care regarding my baby. " ~Tiffani

"When I first came in I was in the most pain. I could barely walk. The pain was disrupting my performance at work and being a mom. I was scared to hold my baby because I didn't want to drop her. After only one adjustment at Inspire Me, my pain went from a 10 to an 8 and only got better and better to where I was off my pain meds and just about walking normal. I am so glad I found them and don't know what I would have done if I hadn't. I surely recommend Inspire Me."  ~Tiffany

Where Wellness is a Way of Life

Where Wellness is a Way of Life

Inspire Me Natural Health Solutions